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Do not judge bad travelers if you are a good one. And learn a few things to become a better traveler if you want to be a bit better. Traveling has always been one of the most exciting hobbies. It always will be a wonderful activity.

But what is it that makes a person a bad traveler and what are the things you should not do while traveling?

1. A bad traveler takes tons of selfies

You might have expected to read this one. Nowadays people, especially the younger generations, are obsessed with taking selfies wherever they are and wherever they go. It is not that I hate taking selfies, but if you overdo this, then it is definitely not all right. A good traveler will only take a few pictures of himself and then invest in the editorial process. If you already use Instagram, then you probably know that there is FilterBaker for iOS. It allows you to use some cool editorial tricks. Give it a try!

4. Bad travelers avoid doing anything that is not advised online

What they trust is the mobile Google search box. They also rely on other people’s opinion. However, opinion is by no means experience you may meet hundreds of people online who give advice without trying it out first themselves. Traveling can be compared to adventures. When a traveler is not spontaneous and tries to follow some certain rules, he turns his trip to boring routine. Sometimes finding what you need takes mere seconds, while reading recommendations and comments takes hours. Leave your gadget for a while and look around – you can survive without them!

2. Bad travelers do not keep an eye on their cell phones

There are lots of pickpockets and thieves willing to own your mobile or whatever you leave off-guard. Even if your cell phone is not expensive, you need it because you keep all your contacts and pictures there. It is not a problem at all to replace your device. The real problem is that you will lose all of your private information forever. Some people have phone numbers of their families and friends, use their phone to enter their social accounts or check email boxes. There is a special app that alerts the owner right the minute your device gets into hands of an unauthorized user. There are plenty of LastPass and LogDog fans. Read more on the net if you need some more details about what those things are for.

5. They are disrespectful to local behavior

Do not be impolite. Stop rushing. Just spend some time enjoying your life. If you are always in a hurry and frustrated, then you will only spoil your trip. If you are from an area that is intolerant and too conservative, then work on improving yourself. You cannot be a good traveler if you do not accept other cultures and traditions. Open up to the world and try to understand how varied and interesting it is. It would be very wise of you to do some research and find out more about the country you are bound for. Think of your habits and, if you know they will be misunderstood abroad, try to get rid of them at least for a while. Respect the country and people living in it.

3. They are constantly complaining and moaning

Whining is never appreciated. That’s another thing that tells others that you are a bad traveler who is not ready for the trip. Positivity and constructive thinking is the only way to live your life. Bad travelers find too many faults and flaws. It might be the weather, people around. They will complain about the prices and food or customs and traditions of the country they are visiting. Never travel with people with negative attitude and way of thinking!

6. Bad travelers cheap

Make your traveling experience as wonderful as possible. Do not turn it to hell by trying to save every cent. You might never come to that place again. Then make your trip absolutely unforgettable. This is especially important if you are a first time traveler. Of course there is no need to waste your money. Simply spend it wisely and do not restrict yourself to the very minimum. Pay for an excursion if it promises to be really worthy your attention. Saving money is hardly possible even at home. Traveling is never cheap and involves a lot of expenses anyways.