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1. Travellers get excited and a bit nervous before travel! Nervousness is typical of travellers!

It does not matter whether the person travels once a year or far more frequently. Travelling makes people excited. Anticipation makes our blood boil and adrenaline keeps us on out tiptoes. This happens simply because we cannot predict the future event that may occur during the trip.

4. Travellers are not just on a vacation

People travel for a variety of reasons. Some of us travel for pleasure while others need to leave their native country to work or study abroad. However, even if a traveller is on vacation, he is still working hard every single day. Travelling is both exciting and exhausting. Sometimes you’ll need to make sudden and unexpected decisions. Also, people who stay in a foreign country need to challenge themselves in a variety of ways. They learn new languages, meet new people and try to get to know new cultures.

2. Travellers love to make plans, but they also like to break them

To plan arrange trips is an exciting activity. You have to decide on the destination. Next, you’ll have to decide how you’ll get there. You’ll also need to arrange your hotel and placed to visit and see. It’s all about planning. Once you have planned everything, get ready to break all your plans in case things go wrong or not the way you expected them to go! Your flight may be delayed, you luggage may get lost or stolen. You should be ready for such things and know how to solve issues that arise during the trip. Travellers are ready to cope with fear and frustration. They are determined to take the challenge and make some certain changes. Learn to make plans. And then spend some time and learn to change those plans!

5. Travellers know that they're privileged

While travelling be prepared to see the real life of people living around the globe. You will see that there are people who struggle to survive. At the same time, there’re plenty of those who can afford the most luxurious things. Be grateful for being able to travel since travelling is something only the privileged can afford. Let’s admit that even if you couldn’t travel you would still be alive. And if you can afford travelling, then you are lucky!

3. Travellers may start a trip alone, but they end up with friends all over the world

It’s hard to travel without meeting strangers. Travellers talk and see various people from the very start of their trip. It all starts at the airport, then you might have a nice conversation to someone interesting on the plane. You will also meet someone new in the hotel you have booked. Finally, once you reach your destination, you’ll deal with the local people. Travellers are always ready to make new friends. They sometimes keep in touch with them for years.

6. Travellers are not sure where their travels will take them, but they know it’ll be worth it

Now you are about to find out the last thing that makes travellers so different to the rest of us. As a matter of fact, travellers are never sure where they will find themselves at the end of the trip. All they know is that their experience they are about to go through will enrich their life and make it even more meaningful. Travellers are open-minded people who are ready and willing to learn something new about life.